URS-10 Urine Strips 10 parameters

Sold by: Teco Diagnostics USA - California


for urinalysis, urinary tract infection

Tested parameter:

Leukocytes, Nitrite, Urobilinogen, Protein, pH, Blood, Specific Gravity, Ketone, Glucose, Bilirubin

Sample type:


Testing Procedure:

• Visual (Manual)
• Semi automated (with Tc 201 and Tc 720+ analyzers)
• Fully automated (with Thunderbolt anylyzer)

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  • Method: Color Indicator
  • Testing Procedure: Manual
  • Storage Temperature: 15-30°C
  • Expected Values/Sensitivity: Glucose: Concentrations as little 0.1g/dL may be significantly abnormal if found consistently (100mg/dL sensitivity)
  • Bilirubin: No bilirubin in normal urine (0.4-0.8mg/dL sensitivity)
  • Ketone: No ketones in normal urine (5-10mg/dL sensitivity)
  • Specific Gravity: Random urine varies in specific gravity from 1.003-1.040+ (correlates within 0.005 with values obtained with the refractive index method)
  • Blood: No blood in normal urine (0.015mg/dL sensitivity)
  • pH: Newborn: 5.0-7.0; Thereafter: 4.5-8.0 ; Average: 6.0 (quantitative differentiation of values to one unit)
  • Protein: 1-14mg/dL may be excreted by the normal kidney (15mg/dL sensitivity)
  • Urobilinogen: 0.2-1.0 EU/dL in healthy urine (0.2 EU/dL sensitivity)
  • Nitrite: No nitrite in normal urine (0.075mg/dL sensitivity)
  • Leukocytes: Normal urine specimens generally yield negative results (10-15 WBC/µL sensitivity)